Sun’s up, buns out in Australia’s hot sticky summer as the first ever Holy Green Festival becomes a huge success at Sandstone Point Hotel. With a line up full of amazing artists like Blasko & The Lazy Boys, Slum Sociable, Starley, The Rubens, Client Liaison, Six60 and Sticky Fingers, The Hour Group was sure to attract [...]
Full Clip on the scene. Brisbane raised the bar last night with the opening of BARS; an open mic night event that will now be held every Thursday at the Gig Cocktail Bar. Hosted by Knovell Capote and DJ Louie Loco, the aim of the event is to encourage the local hip hop scene and [...]
Full Clip on the scene. Gold Coast had the baby-making kind of Sweat last night at the Star; that’s right we’re talking about Keith Sweat, and if you didn’t get that, maybe we’ll tell you when you’re older. It was amazing to see the boys of CDB warming up the stage for Keith. For anyone [...]
Full Clip on the scene. What’s up? Max Watts was up, when the Men of R&B hit the stage in Brisbane. The cold winter air did not stop the fans from seeing their favourite soulsters in one of the best nights in Brisbane yet. If you didn’t come to the show, then maybe we can [...]
Full Clip on the scene. This was a unique event brought to you by Louie Loco and the Super Vape Store in association with Full Clip Radio.   For those of you who vape, there's a store right here in the Gold Coast and it has been running for over nine years! They supply an [...]
Full Clip on the scene. 400 was an understatement yesterday at Eaton’s Hill Hotel when YG’s last performance in Australia was sold out. The crowd line extended from the hotel to the building across the road as the venue (which can hold thousands of people) filled up with excited fans of all ages; of course, once [...]
Full Clip on the scene. Last night we wound back the clock at the Brisbane 90’s Cub Re-Union Party. The crowd literally rocked the boat with established disc jockeys, Louie Loco and Matty Jaye. Kenny Hustle was on the mic as we heard 3 hours’ worth of golden rhythms extending from beats by the Wu-Tang [...]
Full Clip on the scene. Download "August", Mark Lowndes' new album from iTunes. What happened last night at The Loft? Well if you didn’t make it, here’s a recap. It has been over two years since we have seen local artist Knovell Capote on stage, but there’s no doubt about it that he’s still got [...]
Full Clip on the scene.   Ty Dolla $ign was welcomed once again at Eaton’s Hill Hotel last friday night, but this time without YG. Instead he brought along special guest Kent Jones who started the party early with his hit songs including the infamous debut single, I Don’t Mind. He entices the audience with [...]
Full Clip on the scene. In case you missed it, Sean Kingston partied all night with Hot Gossip Nightclub and its patrons at this week’s labour day long weekend. His supporting acts included a full cast of local DJs: DJ Sammy, DJ Maxwell, DJ Nivi, and DJ Noize. Our very own Brisbane artist Jae T [...]

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