Mario Barrett @ Hot Gossip Nightclub 2016

Written by on March 25, 2016

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The ladies (and perhaps even the men) forgot how to breathe last night when r&b singer Mario Barrett, turned it up at Hot Gossip Nightclub. Not to be confused with the Mario (Winans) who didn’t want to know, this Mario was definitely the one the crowd wanted to know. The Hot Gossip doors opened early at 7pm with supporting acts including DJ Maarv, DJ Maxwell and Ezra James along with MC Loudmouth Len as the host for the night. Ezra certainly started the night off for the ladies as he ends up shirtless (watch here); Loudmouth Len jokes to the crowd that he will go pant-less after.

The club was busting with Mario fans of most ages (only over 18s of course) as the Baltimore-born artist entered the stage. Mario was full of energy, jumping around the stage from one end to the other as he sang his well-known songs like Stuttering, Someone Else, Crying Out for Me and How Do I Breathe. He reminded fans of his early career as he sang his hit single Just a Friend; a song which incorporates Biz Markie’s 1989 rap song Just a Friend and was released when Mario was only 15 (watch here).

Now well beyond his teen years, Mario pulled up one lucky woman from the audience to serenade with I Choose You (watch here). By this time, Mario had only taken his jacket off and will continue to strip for the rest of the night, ripping his shirt in half at one point and throwing its remains to the public. He continued to entice the audience with alcohol, pouring sips to the crowd and eventually tipping the bottle on himself.

At the end of his performance, this charming RnB artist sang one of his most famous baby making love songs, Let Me Love You. The song was written by Ne-Yo and released in 2004 from his second album Turning Point. Mario ended the night with a bouquet of roses which he handed out to the ladies as he sang before leaving the stage (watch here). It was a night to remember as Mario Barrett knew exactly how to please his fans even with a short performance; it was money well spent for a talented artist.

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