Mark Lowndes Album Launch 2017

Written by on February 11, 2017

Full Clip on the scene.

Download “August”, Mark Lowndes’ new album from iTunes.

What happened last night at The Loft? Well if you didn’t make it, here’s a recap.

It has been over two years since we have seen local artist Knovell Capote on stage, but there’s no doubt about it that he’s still got his flow. Accompanying his lyrics with soulful instrumental beats gave them that gospel music mood which kept you swaying to the rhythm. There was nothing but good vibes that evening in the chilled and cosy atmosphere of The Loft.

Mark Lowndes entered the stage so casually as many of his friends and family spread throughout the audience. This concert was certainly different as Lowndes humbly explained his musical journey throughout the years, even introducing the other talented artists that were performing with him on stage.

“High on Panadol” as Lowndes claims from battling the flu, his gig was still worth watching as his vocals were nevertheless as amazing as his acoustic rhythms. He started his performance with Don’t You Quit, a song he wrote about his marriage. It was refreshing to hear a range of music lyrics that discerned from the typical acoustic love songs as he performs tracks like On A String and No Son; the first is an inspirational piece he wrote to encourage people to follow their dreams and the other a song that speaks of being humble.

He even wrote a song which explains his voyage with identity as he mentions being called a palagi (pronounced palangi); meaning ‘white boy’ in Samoan, according to Mark Lowndes.Lowndes had to improvise his performance when the band’s bass player was asked to move his car temporarily. He shared a little piece of his younger days as he asks his guitarist friend, Imraan, to play one of their older jams together (A side note for the night: the guitarist was an amazing player and I overheard a lady in the audience telling her friend “that is my kid’s guitar teacher!”).As the night went on, he asked the audience to join him by saying “bonjour” and “î le bon quoi” (French for “hello” and “what’s good”), stating that it will be recorded and possibly used for his next music video clip. All in all, it was a successful night for this talented and humble artist and if you want some good tunes for your week, make sure to check out his new album, August. Download it from iTunes here.

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