Men of R&B 2017

Written by on July 30, 2017

Full Clip on the scene.

What’s up? Max Watts was up, when the Men of R&B hit the stage in Brisbane. The cold winter air did not stop the fans from seeing their favourite soulsters in one of the best nights in Brisbane yet. If you didn’t come to the show, then maybe we can fill you in with some of the details.

Trippa was the MC to open the night as our talented locals from The 90s Project (such as Jesse T, Xy & Mazuradi) got the crowd singing along to many old school R&B hits of the past; of course, with the support of accomplished DJ’s: J Alexander and Maxwell.

Eric Bellinger kicked off the show with G.O.A.T. which for many, may sound unusual when he sings “she the GOAT” so let’s clear up the air on this one: GOAT stands for “Greatest of All Time”. As expected from an R&B show, Bellinger pulled up a girl from the crowd to serenade with Your Favourite Song, even dropping down to the ground to have her on top as he sang.

Bellinger may be one of the newer artists of R&B, but he definitely inherited his talent from his grandfather, Bobby Day. For the older generation, you may know him as the singer of the 1958 hit song Rockin Robin.

Girls screamed in excitement especially as J Holiday performed his tracks like Suffocate and Bed; you can guess it, there was a lot of shirts taken off. J Holiday’s vocals were still in tact but it may have come as a little bit of disappointment that he did not really sing the lyrics of his songs but rather, made a lot of ‘oohs’ and other random notes. 

RL (of Next) then brought the crowd further back to the past with Too Close and Wifey before slowing it down with some baby-making music. Don’t get your hopes up girls! RL married just last year and he sported his wedding ring proudly during his performance.

The final artist of the night was none other than Lloyd; an artist who disappeared from the music scene for quite some time to pursue his education. Lloyd previously performed at the Sky and Lotus on his own and it was amazing to see an artist return to Brisbane and promote the R&B scene. He sang his usual hits like Bedrock and Lay It Down and took out the guitar to sing a slower version of I Want You. He also explains a little bit of how the song Tru came about before becoming emotional on stage and hiding his teary eyes with his cap. Just as he did previously, Lloyd handed out drinks to the audience as he sang Swimming Pools and the rest of the artists returned on stage.

The crew then ended the night on a high note as they tossed a signed jumper to one of the fellas in the crowd and thanked the organisers of the event. Bellinger and Holiday mingled with the crowd for a little while, snapping photos and snapchat videos with their fans. Surprisingly, as the artists left, the Brisbane audience continued to sing for a little while as they exited the venue. It was an unforgettable night and we hope, one of many more to come for Brisbane.

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