YG at Eaton’s Hill Hotel 2017

Written by on June 18, 2017

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400 was an understatement yesterday at Eaton’s Hill Hotel when YG’s last performance in Australia was sold out. The crowd line extended from the hotel to the building across the road as the venue (which can hold thousands of people) filled up with excited fans of all ages; of course, once again separating the under-aged to the upper level.

Supporting acts hyped up the crowd for YG as local artists like Mazuradi, Freewyo, and Afro King performed with the company of our home-grown DJs: J. Alexander, Sir Likwish and DJ Noiz. Loudmouth Len was the MC for the night who didn’t forget how to have fun on stage, even going as far as riding a bicycle around as the public waited for YG. Freewyo did a little crowd surfing which ended up more successful than when Ty Dolla Sign tried the same move; probably because he preemptively told the women to get out of the way and let the men catch him. The crowd chanted for YG and the ambience in the room was intense as the lights radiated a red colour, reflecting YG’s violent background.

For those who may not know, YG is an acronym for Young Gangster, a ranking structure from the Bloods and Piru Gangs of LA. YG specifically references 400 as this is his clique from the many gangs of the west side of Compton. It was then of no surprise that the smell of weed was so prominent in the air that even the under-aged teens can recognise it’s scent.

The stage was rearranged a few times and a whole entourage filled up the space before YG even entered the platform. The young artist made his appearance as the word ‘Nigga’ was repeatedly shouted over the screams of his fans.It was definitely not a one-man show as YG openly shared the spotlight with the rest of his team. He performed his most popular songs like My Nigga, Left Right, and many more including his debut song Toot It and Boot It.

YG loved to talk to his fans and has a habit of pointing out certain people from the crowd which was no different in this performance. He claims he recognised a few of them from his previous shows and also singled out a girl who decided to sit on their friend’s shoulders by saying she needs to “show her titties”; the crowd happily chanted this with him which proved just how much of an influence an artist can have to their devotees. He does however, set his principles straight as he instructs the under-aged on the upper level to “go to school” on Monday.

The proceedings were quite short for YG as he exits at around 11.30pm, telling everyone to get home safe. Despite this fact, it seemed as if everyone at the event had a lot of fun and also a lot of drinks. The rest of the singer’s entourage remained on stage to continue the celebrations which enticed YG back for a few more minutes before making his final exit. 

Kudos to the team at Eaton’s Hill Hotel for handling the event smoothly and handing out water to the people who were stuck at the front to prevent them from being dehydrated. It was however, quite disappointing to see such an amazing venue be trashed by their guests as many of the plastic cups used for their drinks ended down on the ground.

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