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Written by on August 5, 2017

Full Clip on the scene.

Gold Coast had the baby-making kind of Sweat last night at the Star; that’s right we’re talking about Keith Sweat, and if you didn’t get that, maybe we’ll tell you when you’re older.

It was amazing to see the boys of CDB warming up the stage for Keith. For anyone wondering, CDB was the first successful boy band to come out of Australia and yes, they are still in great shape! Performing dance moves from the 90s era along with their debut single Hook Me Up (which reached gold status in Australia) and their ever-famous cover of Earth, Wind and Fire’s Let’s Groove.

There was a short interlude before the main act which somewhat gave a more formal affair for the night. Keith Sweat came out singing Make You Sweat after a short video which highlighted a lot of his achievements, not only in the music industry, but also outside of it as an actor, producer, and even an author. The Star’s facilities were certainly a little more high-end as the performance was held in their theatre which included seats similar to the ones you’ll find within cinemas. However, this didn’t stop the audience from jumping out of their seats to groove to the beat and sing along with the artists.

Keith sang his ever-popular songs like Your Body and There You Go Telling Me No Again  before he brought out Teddy Riley to the stage, proclaiming him as the innovator of the New Jack Swing. New Jack Swing was name dubbed to the style that became popular between the 1980’s-1990’s which combined hip hop beats with r&b vocals.

Before this time, hip hop and r&b artists didn’t mix as many rappers projected a more thuggish image. If you didn’t know, well now you know. Teddy took the stage over for a short while as Keith changed his wardrobe. The Blackstreet member brought the crowd back with songs like Rump Shaker, I Like the Way (Kissing Game), and No Diggity which were a few of the many platinum-laced songs he had helped create.

Keith returned to the stage in all white and proceeded to perform more of his hit songs including Twisted, Get Up On It, and I’ll Give All My Love To You while slowly making his way all around the theatre.

The bigger surprise for the night was when Keith brought up a few couples onto the stage rather than the single ladies. This was an unusual scene but it served its purpose as one of the men proposed to his girlfriend on stage. You’ll be pleased to hear he received a “Yes” along with the crowd’s cheering. At the same time, Keith amusingly thrusted to the crowd and made a few little comedic comments. He may have been a little outshone by one of the other guys on stage for a few seconds as the man got carried away with his dancing but Keith took this onboard and imitated him for little while before saying goodnight to Gold Coast at around 11pm.

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